greedy [grēd′ē]
greedier, greediest [ME gredie < OE grædig < base of græd- (in grædum, eagerly) + -ig (see -Y2), akin to Goth grēdags, lit., hungry < IE base * ĝher-, to crave > Gr charis, grace, favor]
1. wanting or taking all that one can get, with no thought of others' needs; desiring more than one needs or deserves; avaricious; covetous
2. having too strong a desire for food and drink; gluttonous; voracious
3. intensely eager
SYN.- GREEDY implies an insatiable desire to possess or acquire something to an amount inordinately beyond what one needs or deserves and is the broadest of the terms compared here; AVARICIOUS stresses greed for money or riches and often connotes miserliness; GRASPING suggests an unscrupulous eagerness for gain that manifests itself in a seizing upon every opportunity to get what one desires; ACQUISITIVE stresses the exertion of effort in acquiring or accumulating wealth or material possessions to an excessive amount; COVETOUS implies greed for something that another person rightfully possesses

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